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Bible Department
The Faculty of Humanities
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus
Jerusalem, 9190501

Department Head and Consultant to Undergraduate Students & Graduate StudentsProf.  Noam Mizrahi

Departmental Secretary: Ms. Anat Haim Jani
Telephone: +972-2-5883605
Room 4603
Office hours: Sun 11:30-14:30, Mon-Thur 10:00-13:00



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Projects and Publications

Shnaton: An Annual for Biblical and Near Eastern Studies – The leading journal for articles in Biblical research written in Hebrew. The Shnaton comes out yearly, at the I.L. Magnes Publishing House.


The Hebrew University Bible Project deals with creating a scientific edition of the Bible, based on the Aleppo Codex. The Hebrew University Bible edition includes textual variants from the ancient translations to Greek and Latin, the Syriac Peshitta, the Aramaic Targums, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Rabbinic literature, and medieval manuscripts, including manuscripts found at the Cairo Genizah. The edition is a product many years in the making, a fruit of labor of past and present senior scholars at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. When completed, it shall be the most comprehensive Biblical edition in existence. The Hebrew University Bible Project also published Textus, a journal dedicated to the textual study of the Bible.